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2018 USA SPI Exhibition

Sep. 28, 2018

On September 25-27, 2018 spi exhibition which was held in Anaheim convention center.

SPI is North America's largest solar trade show, in the burgeoning solar industry occupies the core position, the exhibition has more than 15000 participants and 600 companies together to interact with the display.

2018 USA SPI Exhibition

The NEF Power (TaiZhou )co., LTD., and to, NEF Power formed a twelve entrants, we with NEF Power's dream, with unprecedented scale attended the grand exhibition.

NEF Power SPI exhibition celebrated around the world attention to solar power industry customers, not only has the local customers in North America, and even many customers came from neighboring countries specially to the exhibition.

2018 USA SPI Exhibition

Inside the pavilion is permeated with the breath of a piece of warm jubilation, the climax of adumbrative American pv market is growing.

The micro inverter as main products of NEF Power, in the exhibition by the attention of the countries all over the world customers.

On the exhibition, the micro inverter is the focus of attention of photovoltaic inverter product.

2018 USA SPI Exhibition

For a new generation of photovoltaic (pv) grid inverter products, it at a higher efficiency, longer life and higher security, and many other advantages, is recognized by more and more customers and use.

NEF Power photovoltaic (pv) grid with inverter products as the leader in the micro inverter, walk in the forefront of the other miniature inverter competitors.

In the three days of exhibition, NEF Power booth ushered in the concept of an endless stream of exhibitors, most of the customers on the various properties of the NEF micro inverter and market practical very recognition, showing strong interest and purchase intention.

2018 USA SPI Exhibition

NEF to participate in the exhibition for the NEP in the americas market development took a key step, show the NEF and from the United States and around the world industry suppliers and professionals of connection, expand the market opportunity with the United States.

NEF in SPI three days of the powerful display booth, learning, growing, and push for the NEF to the wider world market laid a solid foundation.